Introducing our Future Leaders Program

Encouraging the business leaders of tomorrow with expert advice and exceptional learning opportunities

At METALCON, we’re proud of our 30+ year history of bringing the entire metal design and construction industry together for 3 days of experiencing new products, forging new relationships, and discovering new ideas. This year, we’re focusing on the future.

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The METALCON Future Leaders is a collection of learning and networking opportunities for young professionals working hard to get ahead. 


Virtual Kick-off the Future Leaders Program is available on METALCONLive!

Personal Branding: An Important Skill for Professional Success
Whether you’re planning your next career move or trying to land new business, your online reputation and presence can give you an edge.

In this highly engaging 60-minute virtual presentation, Dr. Furman will explain the ever-growing importance of establishing a personal brand. She will also provide strategies and practical recommendations for creating positive exposure that can lead to exciting opportunities you’d never know about otherwise.


Did you miss the in-person Future Leaders Event at METALCON '22 in Indy? 

From Employee To Manager: Transitioning To A Management Role

Getting your first big promotion is exciting, but how do you go from working alongside your coworkers one day to managing them the next? In this workshop, conveniently located in the METALCON Main Theater inside the exhibit hall, Dr. Furman will provide young professionals with the tools, strategies, and recommendations to help new (and existing) managers become effective and respected leaders